Why Go Unique?

HGL is passionate about unique marketing for one reason, and one only. It makes our partners stand out from the crowd.

It’s tempting to do what your competitors are doing, or what seems to be the current trend. After all, they’ve probably studied what works right? Why do something different and risk failure?

But who wants to get lost in the massive sea of advertising? Today’s customer is bombarded with marketing. We’re a little jaded and skeptical. We have short attention spans. It takes something different to catch our interest.

Your company strives to offer products and services that set you apart. Does your marketing reflect this commitment?

Printing processes that your clients have never seen before. Business gifts that make them say "wow". Unique promotional products that get passed around the office. Quality signage that clients notice... Don’t spend a single cent that isn’t assured to get you ahead. We want to give your target market a distinct, positive impression at every opportunity.

Be the only postcard in the mailbox. With HGL, it’s easy to do. Rely on us for innovative ideas that work. Depend on our worldwide experience to make your marketing stand out. Trust us to take a personal interest in your brand, and to help you take it to the top!