Stand-out Substrates

Increase the read and retention rate of your printed marketing by over 50 times simply by spending a little more money on the paper it’s printed on!

HGL is Canada’s leader in specialized substrates, increasing ROIs by matching substrates to specific industries, needs, and interests.

Metallized media:
Perhaps the most striking substrate on the market today. Previously only available in huge mill runs for toothpaste and cosmetic boxes, we can now create incredible brochures and business cards on this impressive paper. One of HGL’s trade companies obtained a government grant for the proprietary equipment to make this possible. Used to create a stunning impression, especially if your products are actually made of metal. With our special transparent inks that mimic paint exactly, your products pop off the pages, looking exactly as they do in real life!

Holographic media:
Like our metalized media – the material and processes are unique to HGL - but with a dramatic holographic effect for even more eye-catching marketing!

Wood Veneer:
With several wood finishes available, you can print brochures, cards, and flyers with the same wood that your products are made from! Or just use them to create an awesome, high-end eco image. Products on these substrates are going to be looked at and passed around, and talked about.

Our expertise with all plastics – textured, clear, matte, and coloured - ensures that you get the best material for any project. Plastics bring a new dimension to book covers, signs, P.O.P. mats, direct mail, and much more.

Soft-Touch Suede:
A plush velvety finish for your printed literature. Retention rates soar as recipients find it impossible to discard it before taking a good look at what feels so incredible in their hands.

Linen Look:
Another luxurious finish to increase retention rates and add interest.

This unique finish has a patented antimicrobial compound that effectively reduces and controls the growth of unwelcome microorganisms in environments such as schools, food service and heath care where reducing the spread of harmful bacteria is important. The protection does not wash off with cleaning,

Spot gloss coatings are common on high-end literature. The process adds luxury to any piece and accentuates certain elements of the graphics. HGL has developed an even better process. PreciseCoat has perfect registration over the printed graphics, so you can spot-gloss tiny details or produce fades from gloss to matte.